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Pharmaceutical Translation – Gist

In the recent times, medical and pharmaceutical companies have started poaching markets across borders. Pharmaceutical companies have started manufacturing and marketing their products in multiple countries. However, before the companies can do so, there is a lot of documentation and formalities that must be completed. This documentation must be translated into the primary language of the country in which the company wants to manufacture or market their products. Hence, with the rise in cross border manufacturing units and marketing strategies, there is a steep rise in the requirement for pharmaceutical translation.

Professional Human Translators

ATOP Pharma Solutions offers a competitive edge by offering professional human translators of medical interpretation services and translation services. Medical document translation and pharmaceutical translation is a complex and elaborate process. Most medical and pharma translation software packages are pre-programmed to offer word-to-word translations. Moreover, the translation software packages cannot translate contextual information accurately. However, professional human linguists and translators offer very accurate solutions for pharmaceutical translation requirements. Trained pharma translators can easily translate the pharmacological terminologies while accurately translating contextual information and maintaining the grammatical syntax and sentence structure at the same time.

Quality Assurance

Over and above pharmaceutical translation services, ATOP also provides integrated multiple quality assurance checks. All pharma content that undergoes translation at ATOP Pharma Solutions is proofread at least twice by expert proofreaders. These proofreaders have years of experience in proofreading in many languages. Further, they are proficient with the grammatical syntax, sentence structure, and pharmaceutical terminologies across languages like Russian, German, and French.

ATOP Advantage

ATOP employs a team of in-house translators who have a background in pharma industries or education, and who are proficient with languages like French, German, Russian, etc. ATOP Translators have multiple years of experience translating pharmaceutical content. Along with being fluent in the native language, the translators are also fluent with multiple other languages. Hence, they can provide the perfect pharmaceutical translation solutions for other languages to their native language. Moreover, Alchemy Translation is one of the only translation company which invites industry experts to provide periodic training to all the translators. This training ensures that ATOP translators provide excellent medical translation services.

Interpretation Services

Whenever an individual wants to deal with people from other countries or cultures, he has two options – either learn their language and culture, or seek interpretation services. If one does not intend to live in a foreign country for a long time, then hiring an interpreter is usually the best option. Hiring an interpreter ensures that the individual can communicate with people in a foreign language efficiently.

The requirement for certified interpretation services

When organizations plan to expand their businesses in different countries, it is essential that they can communicate with people from different countries efficiently. Hence, the requirement for interpreters arises. Interpreters are individuals who have an excellent command over at least two languages – one local and another a more commonly spoken language across the world, like English. Certified interpreters can easily and fluently translate sentences spoken in one language to the other without missing out on the essence of the subject. Since certified interpreter services offer professional translation from one language to other, it is one of the most sought after service for organizations and corporations which wish to expand their business horizons.

The Alchemy Advantage

Alchemy Translation is one of the very few translation companies in the world which offers a wide network of certified interpreters across multiple languages in multiple countries. Most translation agencies do not take the interpretation services very seriously, however, at Alchemy, we strive to offer only the best interpretation services to our clients. Alchemy has a team of trained in-house as well as certified native interpreters to facilitate the communication process for organizations to expand their horizons in different countries.

For more detailed information about the interpretation services offered by Alchemy Translation, you can contact the Alchemy business team. Our business development team will be more than glad to assist you with your interpretation needs.