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Patent Prior Art Search:

At Atop Pharma Solutions we succeed in the amalgamation of technology and business strategy. We help our clients with greater efficiency and skill with the correct information at the right time. We are fortunate in helping their businesses with patents and trademarks for many years. Patent Prior Art Search refers to any data that is open to the public in any form, before the filing of a patent application. We provide prior art search for Patents and same time we provide clients’ information to a lawyer at our firm with the requisite skill to search the subject matter of the invention. We usually take up our privilege to work and patentability searches by a couple of weeks. Our charges are charged accordingly.

Here, we welcome you to Atop Pharma Solutions for your new beginning.

FTO Report:

We are a mixture of efficiency and passion at work. We help our clients in leveraging their assets. Having experience in the legal field, we understand the requirements and strategic problems of businesses, and accordingly, FTO reports play an essential role in making businesses succeed. Each assignment is efficiently managed by a loyal team of experts, with their technical and legal backgrounds matched to the client’s needs. It permits us to tailor the best solution for the FTO reports needs of each client. Atop Pharma Solutions offer Freedom to Operate (FTO) analysis to determine potential barriers or limitations to the manufacture and commercialization of the technology by recognizing relevant third-party IP rights. We help you design FTO Reports and other ancillary services.

Infringement Analysis Report:

We at Atop Pharma Solutions prepare detailed infringement analysis reports by taking into account the latest case laws on claim construction in a particular country. The infringement analyses reports are country-specific since the infringement depends on a certain country’s case laws and acts. Our infringement analyses reports include charts and mapping to the direction of claims concerning the specification. Atop Pharma Solutions also assists in settling disputes, drafting agreements, advising on all aspects of licensing, etc. We aim to use expertise and resources to guarantee that our clients gain the maximum benefit from their creativity and ingenuity.

This report is crucial for businesses. It helps you have the right to exclude others from selling or manufacturing. You can also opt for our patent infringement analysis services to resolve whether some other product is infringing on your patent.

Patent Drafting and Filing before Patent Registry:

An enforceable Patent is a legend for any technology. Atop Pharma Solutions provides efficient patent filing services to Indian and International Corporates and Law Firms. We have established ourselves as one of the quickest filings and reporting to the respective clients. We monitor all deadlines and accordingly take the necessary steps. Our team is qualified and experts in patent attorneys. Our dedication to helping clients in securing strong patents is backed up by our resolve to help them to build a strong patent portfolio. Our team’s international experience allows us to offer unparalleled drafting services for clients in India, the USA, Europe, and across the world. We at Atop Pharma Solutions through our strict confidential policies and practices, ensure compliance with the best quality measures along with complete confidentiality. This is due to the territorial nature of IP rights. We provide specific drafting and filing services as country-specific.

PCT Application Filing:

At Atop Pharma Solutions, our well-experienced team handles the PCT Applications with comfort. We have known to file the PCT application in India, and there have been many instances wherein we successfully handled national even outside India. We are authorized to file a PCT application in India and also have partnered with patent law firms in different countries. We can handle the ePCT applications. It is with strong authentication that delivers online access to the file of your international application to facilitate monitoring. We aim to develop an in-depth knowledge of each client’s business to deliver intellectual property services in the manner that best suits their needs. Our custom and the cost-effective process have helped our clients to change their ideas and innovations, into business opportunities. Our clients, from big brands to individual inventors, are involved in a broad variety of technical and scientific areas. We file such applications directly or within the 12 months as consecrated under the Paris Convention.

Pct National Phase Application Prosecution:

Atop Pharma Solutions is one of the finest and most cost-effective law firms in India to file and prosecute the PCT-National Phase in India and worldwide. With a professional team of patent agents, we are your best partners to handle applications in India and abroad. We accept and carry out domestic applications for Patent filing. We believe every business is different, so its needs, budgets, and objectives. We will work with our clients to comprehend your needs and put together the right team to help you. All businesses are working at one or more stages of what we call the IP Lifecycle and we have someone that understands your business and your technology to achieve your goals. Our experts on patents, trademarks, and registered designs will help you do your business while we handle all your legal work for you.

Post Grant and Pre Grant-Oppositions:

Atop Pharma Solutions distinguishes itself from other firms through its accomplishments in IP services and contributions to the law and policy framework. They hold honorary positions. However, patent opposition is endowed by filing pre-grant opposition by representation and also after the grant of the patent within the year by filing the post-grant opposition. Post-grant opposition is filed after the grant of the patent. The main benefit of initiating opposition proceedings with the India patent office is that the whole procedure is strictly time-bound. The price incurred in opposition is also less when compared to litigation costs.

Patent Infringement Suits and Litigation:

Patent infringement is a very essential aspect of pharma and technology companies. Courts generally decide patent infringement based on three parameters- prima facie case, the balance of convenience, and public interest. The cases above show us how patent infringement is diagnosed with various issues like direct infringement, injunctions, etc. Innovation and the protection of intellectual property are the cornerstones of Atop Pharma Solutions’s success. Atop Pharma Solutions respects and protects its intellectual property rights against any third-party infringers. The company has invested significant time and effort to develop its IP and making efforts to implement its IP in the US. We get you the right deteriorations against the infringing patent.

With the right team, a patent litigation case can be very beneficial definitely. But the process is long and challenging and may end up costing more. We can give you the right legal advice and course of action against the said suit. We strive to generate your litigation suit most promising. We get you the necessary expertise to be able to deal aptly with every element of your case.