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Country-Specific Trademark Search:

To become the best trademark registration service worldwide, we constantly aim to redefine brand protection by offering our clients dedicated support and unparalleled service to protect their business. With Atop Pharma Solutions, registering a trademark is just a few clicks away. A trademark is an essential intellectual property that helps popularize the products or services by building and creating visual signals indicating the quality and status of the brand. These signals in turn serve as unique selling points which help businesses differentiate themselves from competitors. Trademarks are territorial and need separate filing in each country where you plan to have them protected. Multiple international business prospects may propose to you, but you cannot leverage them without being covered with the benefits of the trademark. We carry out Trademark Searches for different countries in a specific manner. It helps us cater to the needs and requirements of every specific country. We also pay attention to the compliance norms in each country and carry out our searches via online mediums primarily. Well, we can help you file at the international level for a trademark application with the trademark office of the country in which you are aiming.

Trademark Filing before various Trademark Registry:

Every year businesses and entrepreneurs are growing massively across the globe. As per the statistics delivered by WIPO, over 4 million registrations for trademarks are done every year. For the protection and establishment of the business, trademark registration is a priceless asset. From trademark registration to trademark filling Atop Pharma Solutions helps you protect and make the most of your brands in various Countries like Canada, India, UK, and the USA. We give you easy entry to our skilled trademark attorneys and lawyers, so they help you cut through the complexness of any trademark or brand issue for you. By bringing together, trademark and legal services, we give you the complete picture of your brand. We also offer separate filing in each country where you plan to have your trademark covered. If you want help, you can check out the Atop Pharma Solutions trademark registration service. Our experts will take you through the whole process and check the availability of trademarks. Even they take care of all the forms and paper filings for you. All of this you can get at a very reasonable price just for you.

Trademark Filing- Madrid Protocol:

As an established company in today’s global economy, we considered international trademark registration, and therefore we have been helping entrepreneurs and established businesses with trademarks for many years. We are proud that our business model has done many successful registrations over the years with Madrid Protocol.

However, choose the countries where you need to report and then accordingly design your international trademark plan. Consider where you are doing business and where you plan to in the future. Once you’ve decided where you need to report, apply for trademark registration internationally.  We carry out trademark filing in contract with the Madrid Protocol. This interests the filing of a trademark application through the trademark office of the applicant – the office of origin. This helps us provide you with suitable and cost-effective solutions for registering and operating trademarks. A single application applies for one set of fees accordingly.

Trademark Prosecution:

It isn’t enough to register your trademark. Same time ensuring that the underlying trademark registration strategy is proper and appropriate. With our global reach and local expertise, Atop Pharma Solutions can help guarantee that your business avoids blunders that can put your brand at risk. At Atop Pharma Solutions, we view the filing and registration of trademark applications as the start of a brand protection approach. On such a basis, we ask questions to you to help your business move forward. However, we take accountability for a series of actions involving Trademark Prosecution and carry out the filing and registering of your trademark applications. This can contain any form of Trademark. We also help you maintain your trademark and help you handle any interferences or opposition proceedings that may arise. We acknowledge that each situation is special. Whether you need advice on a specific project or ongoing support in handling your global trademark portfolio, our team at Atop Pharma Solutions works flexibly to meet your needs.

Trademark Opposition:

Trademark opposition plays a prominent role as it has the possibility for the registered trademark owners to stop any other mark that can dilute their brand or cause any potential confusion. Atop Pharma Solutions has a team of highly professional Lawyers, who aim to move towards the integration of technology with traditional practices to cater to trademark issues in the fast-moving and cost-effective world. We render a range of online services for businesses like Copyright, Patent, Tax Return filing, Trademark, and legal and financial compliance. Any opposition that may arise can be embarked upon and handled by our expert lawyers. We support your fight trademark on the possibility that you are aggrieved by the Opposing Party’s Trademark. Once the trademark has been published for a specified period of 4 months, we file opposition proceedings. Thus we assist you to file complaints as a third party.

Trademark Infringement and Litigation:

Have you noticed that the number of trademark registrations in India is growing day by day? However, infringing on a registered trademark can have a lot of legal impacts and disadvantages. Hence, budding entrepreneurs need to be mindful of intellectual property regulations in India. To avoid infringing on someone else trademark and protect the trademark belonging to him or them. Atop Pharma Solutions is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses to manage and grow their businesses with peace of mind at a reasonable price. We aim to enlighten the entrepreneur on the legal and regulatory necessities and be a partner throughout the whole business. We offer help to the companies at every stage to make sure they are compliant and constantly growing. To evade infringement of trademarks, you can contact our trademark experts and get a consultation before launching your brand or product. In case, a scenario of unauthorized usage of a mark occurs, will assist you file infringement claims. We provide you services to counter such deceptively and help you solve problems if any other similar violations occur.

With social media growing and evolving as a primary source for advertising companies, multiple intellectual property-related problems can occur. Therefore, Atop Pharma Solutions is committed to protecting the things that matter to you and guarantees that you get huge benefits from a law firm. We adopt and welcome the spirit of creation and redefine the client relationship with a law firm. Thus the results are enlightening and inspiring. However, our firm delivers programs to identify issues, take proactive measures, and enforce best practices. While trademark litigation is the last step to taking effective trademark protection measures, going to court to determine a matter may become necessary. As part of our Litigation practice, we deliver trademark litigation services and help you carry out a civil action against infringement of the trademark. Our experienced lawyers can help you get your desired protection against varied forms of damage. We further get you the right results to protect your prestige and goodwill.